Saturday, September 24, 2016


What a fun, and exhausting, and busy week it has been....  But I love this crazy family of ours!
Sooooo... Scott had this AWESOME idea!  He decided that once a month we should feed our DeThorntenhausen family and have a spiritual discussion.  We've done it for two months now.  It's loads of fun, delicious and spiritually uplifting!  Everyone participates... and the kids keep entertained by coloring (and they love the Jets bean bags that we finally got out of storage {aka. Chris' house}... Karmel loves the bean bags too!)
The gang - while we "discussed!"
Little Artists
Little Dancers
Jelly Bean
Yes, I think Karmel is cute... sometimes...
And spoiled...
Our walks are still wonderful!  I love the beauty of Beckley Park.  And it's fun to see Amy's kids get into the spirit of it!  They all started stretching without any encouragement from us.  It made me smile... so I took a picture.
Marmalade, Nuts and Apple Pie stretching before their run....
The ward camp out was last night.  I don't like camping.  But Fig Newton and Kotten Kandy do.  They got to go with the Fieldings.  And they had a blast!  (Thank you, Trina and Doug, for accepting two more daughters into your crew for the night!)  I REALLY LOVE these 5 beautiful girls!!!!  And Fig Newton liked "American camping!"  (Apparently Taffey and Maple came out to play games last night... but since I wasn't there I couldn't take pictures.  They had fun hanging out with them too!)
Fig Newton, Kotten Kandy, Apple Jacks, Chex and Red Hots
Eating Breakfast....
Marmalade, Nuts and Apple Pie went camping too!
Chili Cook Off
Chex, Fig Newton and Kotten Kandy
Chex, Kotten Kandy and Fig Newton putting up the tent.
Today was spent making freezer meals.  Amy and I decided to make over 10 meals for our families.  It makes meal prep during the week TONS easier and the cost is better when you buy in bulk, etc.  Yay for freezer meals!!!!
Each family gets: 3 pans of chicken enchiladas, 2 pans of pizza casserole,
2 small pans of meatloaf, 4 bags of pulled pork (and lots of leftover ingredients)! 
Our little "helper" loved hanging out under the desk.
Isn't Raisin adorable?
It's been a fun week!  More tomorrow....


  1. Raisin looks like a little doll under the cupboard. So cute! Fun week, should have included me in your freezer making meals. I'd have loved to have some :) And I love the idea of a spiritual discussion once a month. I want to join that group too!

  2. I agree with GJ. Maybe you've given us an idea or two... Hmmmm
    Thanks for sharing with us! Love YOU, Mom/Mil