Sunday, September 11, 2016


I went back to work this week.  I love my job.  But unfortunately I have to miss some fun things because of it.  Friday was one of those times.  My daughter, Kotten Kandy,
got to go on a fun field trip with the Bettenhausens and the Pinas.  I gave her my camera, but she didn't feel like she took many good pictures so she gave the camera to Almond.  He took some awesome pics.  (Regrettably he isn't in any pictures....)  Here was their fun day:
This guy taught about guns, food and tea stamps....
Listening to another presentation....
Raisin CHOSE Kotten Kandy over Juice!
And Kotten Kandy was OK with that!
We all love our Raisin!
Marmalade was helping with the yarn display....
Apple Pie tried grinding corn for corn meal....
The leather bibles were beautiful!
They loved learning!
Almond loved getting this silly shot of Kotten Kandy...
She didn't want me to use it - but I think it's funny too!
And then there is my Colorado daughter, Key Lime Pie.  She is thriving in Grand Junction.  She's enjoying her two institute classes.  She likes her single's ward.  She loves spending time with her cousins and grandmother.  She is really liking the gym - she often exercises twice a day.
Key Lime Pie LOVES wearing her tiara.
Everyone knows she wears it ALL the time!
Spending time with her cousin's dog!
Shortbread kissed a frog...
The willow tree statue on the right is a gift from Aunt GJ to Key Lime Pie for graduation....
She loves willow tree....
After picking lots of free fruit, Mil and Key Lime Pie heart attacked to show their appreciation!
My daughter is SOOOO excited about her new blender!
She got it at a yard sale....
This scarf is another yard sale find!
I love this girl of mine!


  1. Love having her smile in Colorado! We are so lucky! Someday we will get the other one :) I hope ~

  2. Katia, I love the picture you didn't want included!
    And I wonder where I've seen Kiara's pictures before...!
    I'm grateful to have been kept in the loop. Mom/Mil