Monday, October 3, 2016


I LOVE these kids!
Family Home Evening is AWESOME!  And I love that the Bettenhausens love it as much as we do!  So... tonight we decided to do FHE together....  We had a picnic, took a walk to see how beautiful everything is, and everyone shared their favorite General Conference experience, talk or thought!  It was soooooooooo much fun!  And I think another tradition has been born.
Nuts, Marmalade, Fig Newton, Raisin and Kotten Kandy
My cute husband is looking cuter every day!
Poor, Jelly Bean.  He got a shiner when he fell into a piece of furniture.
Riding in the back of the truck!
Saw a patriotic balloon!
We all sang "My Country Tis of Thee" from the back of the truck...
Running ahead...
These two girls have stolen my heart!
These seed pods remind me of black roses.
They are so unusual looking....
Fig Newton's "on top of the world!"
Kotten Kandy and Marmalade enjoying Heavenly Father's beauty!
These crazy men are BFFs!
Mark, Chris and Scott
Jelly Bean - Apple Pie - Nuts - Juice
I don't have boys, but I'll claim these four!!!
Fig Newton - Kotten Kandy - Marmalade


  1. I thought your Home Evening plans sounded perfect. They look that way too. Mom/il

  2. Nature and Gospel discussions. What could be better? Life is good with family and friends.