Saturday, October 8, 2016


This girl is 18!  It's weird not celebrating with her.  But she is definitely in our thoughts and prayers.  I am really proud of my eldest daughter and the good that she is doing.  She is working hard, growing spiritually, and becoming an amazing woman.  Anyways, 18 means no more nicknames.  Sooooo...  Happy Birthday, Kiara Lea!  We all love you!


  1. We love her too and we get to party with her :)

  2. The big birthday reveal? Did I catch it right? Does it mean that when someone turns 18, their nickname goes away? Completely away? Can it go away just to the public in general but still be used just between the two of you? Once in a while only? Just wondering... Of course, I'm not even sure that's what you really meant. I may be on the wrong track completely...
    As to the celebration of her day, she managed to get to celebrate two times - once with everyone here and then with the Hondas at their house too. Lucky kid!!!
    Love YOU, Mom