Monday, October 24, 2016


One of our favorite things to do is spend time with the Schmids!  They are an AMAZING family!  So we got to spend Sunday with them!  And Mike taught us all about guns, and allowed us to shoot.  It was soooo much fun!  We are so blessed in this country with the 2nd Amendment!
Fig Newton learns to shoot an AR25 (AK47 rounds)
And she aimed well!
Sniper Rifles are a totally different experience....
Mike and Asparagus look on as Fig Newton shoots.
Kotten Kandy was great with the 380...
And she also liked the Sniper Rifle....
Mike is amazing!
Asparagus also knew what he was doing.
I love how Asparagus guided his sister....
Way to go, Rice Krispie!
Scott got in on the action!
And so did I!
The 3 of us all shot the same hole - as snipers!
We are that good!!!!
This picture cracked me up!
(The AR25 was loud... but the Sniper Rifle was even louder!)
Also this weekend (Saturday) Scott had a work picnic.  These co-workers are a lot of fun!
D'Argy can cook!
These guys enjoyed the burgers!
And more food....
Cute couple!
These guys came late - but there was still plenty of eats!
I think they ate too much!


  1. Gunning and a work picnic, huh? Never a dull moment in the DeGooyer family! Scott, when is it due?! Mom