Monday, October 3, 2016


Watching General Conference like...
My heart is full!  I'm so glad we got to spend the weekend listening, learning and enjoying General Conference.  I am especially grateful that my daughters love this "holiday" so much.  And even though one of them is far away, we called and shared our favorite talks, etc. I'm glad to know she was watching this special conference "with us."
Actually, Key Lime Pie started "celebrating" the weekend on Friday night.  She went to a concert with her grandparents and cousin.  Mil joked with the girls that they were the youngest people at the program.  But they really had a great time and enjoyed the western music.
I'm related to both of these beautiful Cowgirls!!!
The Show...
These girls are gorgeous - inside and out!
Saturday and Sunday we watched our prophet and apostles.  We feasted, physically and spiritually.  Here's our photographic story:
Scott's Sweet Rolls are aways a HUGE hit!
Taco Soup - YUM!
And Key Lime Pie feasted on Colorado family's traditional Orange Danish Rolls!
Jelly Bean sat with me for a bit....
Mark needed a short siesta with Raisin and Jelly Bean....
Kotten Kandy and her Dad were enthralled with the talks!
Fig Newton and Marmalade enjoyed the sessions too!
And in Colorado...
My Hufflepuff Princess was also partaking of the spiritual feast!
I loved that Kotten Kandy braided her hair.
How cute!
Games before, between and after conference....
More games!
In Colorado they created music during the breaks.
This guy hid in the box... soooo...
She decided to hide also?!
Fig Newton
Apple Pie
Jelly Bean
had all sorts of "emotions!"
It truly is "the most wonderful time of the year!!!!"


  1. I just learned this weekend that Scott doesn't like Orange Danish Rolls. :-( It's a shame really because he WAS in the will to receive my grandfathers tobacco stained harmonica. Oh wee, I'm sure Ken will enjoy it. Pa

  2. Another six months till Conference again. We'll have Kiara for two Conferences!!! Do you remember Ladd's, "two darks", Sundy?
    Love you, Mom