Sunday, October 9, 2016


This weekend was NUTS!  Not only was it Kiara's 18th birthday, but we played a LOT.  It was fun, and extremely busy!
Friday Scott and I went on a great double date with the Calls, Fig Newton went to the football game and Key Lime Pie spent the day playing with her cousins at an antique store and eating ice cream.  The only person who thought to get pictures was Kiara:
GJ spoils these cute girls!
I want some... but it's not chocolate... so maybe I'll pass.
Kiara and Mariah
Shaved Ice
Shanae ("My name's blurry face, and I care what you think...." 
JK!  Apparently my daughter didn't realize how blurry this pic was.)
Saturday was even crazier.  Fig Newton left early in the morning to participate in her first cross country race.  She did wonderfully!!!!  She finished and even earned a medal.  I was so proud of her accomplishment.  She has worked hard, through injuries and pure exhaustion.  What a fabulous accomplishment!
Fig Newton is a winner in my book!
Chex and Fig Newton
Friends who run together....
Also, on Saturday, this cute boy came by my house and offered his services to clean my car.  He's trying to earn money and learning the value of hard work.  I, of course, employed him.  And my car feels AWESOME!  He washed, waxed and vacuumed it.  I LOVE how clean my car feels... but I love Nuts more!
Nuts working hard!
The joy of hard work!
Saturday, Scott spent the day in Ohio with Chris watching the Ohio State football game.  They had a GREAT day!  Scott loves these yearly outings.  And Ohio won:  38 to 17!
Scott LOVES the Marching Band almost as much as the actual game....
Saturday night, these two cuties went on a double date with Asparagus and Taffy.  They had so much fun eating pizza, playing games and watching "Night and Day."  I didn't get pictures at the date, but the report was they had a great time!
Apple Jacks and Kotten Kandy
Fig Newton went to the Homecoming Dance with friends.  She said it was a good experience, but she liked the cross country race better.  She looked like a million bucks!
Chex and Fig Newton
Dance, Glamour and Friendship
Red Hots and Chex and Fig Newton
Today was Church and we celebrated the Young Women in our ward this evening at YW in Excellence.  My daughters are soooooooooo talented.  Check out their displays:
Displaying her running, writing, and singing!
Displaying her Thai food and art work!
(BTW she drew the beautiful drawing in only 15 minutes!  Such talent!)
Apple Jacks displaying her "food art!"  JK
Kiara was spoiled rotten with lots of well wishes.  She was sooooooooo excited that not everyone in Kentucky forgot her.  And her new friends in Colorado also wished her Happy Birthday!  She also got a birthday cake.  I love the birthday candle my sister found.
Love this beautiful girl!


  1. Actually Shanae found the candle :) I thought we had some but apparently our birthday candles had all been used. Love having her here in Colorado! Excited for Katia's turn <3

  2. I remember talking to you about your busy weekend, but the talk didn't even do it justice... What a weekend!!! Mil/Mom