Sunday, October 2, 2016


We really love and miss our Lollipop!  She'll always be our German daughter!  It's fun to hear from her - and I thought everyone would enjoy hearing her "report!"

Hey everyone,

It's way about time to keep you up to date. My holidays just started and I really needed the time off. First of all, last week I went to the German ministry of defense to talk about transatlantic security policies with a couple of army officials. It was great but in some ways disappointing because there are problems in the world you can't solve that easy.  The same week I hand my exchange student meeting with my organization. I'm volunteering now to train and prepare  the next generation of students who are going abroad. It's a great way to spend time and get to know a lot of people. Business@school started and my group and me are head starters! We are going to win this!!! To prepare we went to the Leipzig university of business management and we took a couple of classes in order to prepare. Tomorrow is my friends 18th birthday. I already bought tons of food! It's going to be awesome! On the pictures attached you can see my fellow exchange students  and the region we had our seminar in, and me in front of the army building. Also there is a picture of an great book called "all my friends are dread" one of my friends showed me the KY page. By the way I still haven't tried KFC. I'm hoping to catch up on that soon.
I hope you all have a wonderful time. Let me know when we can skype and what you are up to.

Love and miss you

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  1. Louisa, I'm glad your post was forwarded to Colorado! It sounds like you are way busy doing great things. How does being back in Deutschland feel? Were your parents just extremely glad to have you home? I hope your year is a happy one.
    Love you, Grandma Mil