Monday, December 12, 2016


So... December is always busy!  And always fun!  This weekend the show choir performed at the Festival of Nativities...  Afterwards, we got some nativity photos!

Kotten Kandy = the angle
Fig Newton = the shepherd
These are just a few of my "faves!"
GJ also has been having fun with her Christmas cuties! (Which includes my eldest, but GJ says she's keeping her.  She'll have to fight this mama for her!)  Everyone is loving having Gary home... and eating dinner together.  Nothing beats Taco Bell!  (For real!  Taco Bell rocks!  Both of my foreign daughters wish Taco Bell was in their countries!)
Shaved Ice, Mariah, Gary, Shanae and Kiara
The Hondas + 1
I'm kinda sad, cuz I didn't get a picture at my work Inter-State Studios (ISS) Christmas party.  It was AMAZING!  I work for a wonderful couple who made us dinner and made us feel so loved!  Scott said that he really like everyone I worked with.  (I knew he would.  I really have great co-workers.)  And the food was INCREDIBLE... Kelly is a magician in the kitchen.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the pics. :) The Festival of Nativities, huh? And the Honda Elder's Homecoming... (He's really matured, and you'd be very proud of him. His talk in Sacrament was nothing short of the best talk I've ever heard from a returning missionary). Mom/Mil