Thursday, December 1, 2016


Yesterday Kotten Kandy, Marmalade and a handful of other friends went to the Lousiville Ballet for a field trip!  It was really cool!  Marmalade was really impressed by the costuming department.  (I could see her as a costume designer someday!)  The dancing was also incredible.  I decided that ballet dancers have muscles that the rest of us normal people aren't born with.  It really was a fun day, with great kids!
Kotten Kandy
Marmalade, Rice Krisipie and Almond
Almond MADE this hat all by himself!
I was impressed!
The gang of homeschoolers!
Since the weather has been getting colder, we have taken our exercise in doors....  We have walking videos, Zumba videos and yoga videos.  Every time we do yoga, Karmel joins in with Kotten Kandy.  It's really funny.  I'm usually too late to get the really funny poses... but these poses were also cute.  (No, Kotten Kandy did not invite Karmel to sit on top of her....)
My dad released another book about two weeks ago.  I got it when I was in Colorado and began reading it on the plane.  It's AWESOME!
Between Two Mirrors by Gary McCallister is a series of semi-serious essays about life (usually science) mixed with poetry.  I loved the format.  My dad's conversational sarcasm is always present and yet entertaining without making me feel stupid.  Each essay made me smile.  And the poetry was so inspiring and beautiful.  His use of imagery was amazing.  After reading this book, I am motivated to write my own collection of essays with poetry.  I like the format.  I like the insight.  I LOVE the book and the author!
Here are a few random pics that make me smile:
I call the photo:  Addiction
(No, not all those drinks are mine.  They belong to others.  It just made me laugh.)
Raisin loves her donuts.  We tried breaking off pieces for her, but she demanded the whole thing!
This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago (when it was still fall) at our favorite walking place.
These kids love sitting and talking while looking at the beauty of the earth!

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  1. Yes, you did do another blog, Sundy Lea! I was just thinking that the varied topics - and a common theme they might all have. What might that be? I'm thinking "The Arts". There's ballet, yoga, a book review, and a few favorite pictures. Could Sundy be right alongside her Dad in the "ARTISTIC" category???!!! Moom