Thursday, December 8, 2016


Kiara was excited that she got to share in the special moment!
My nephew got home yesterday from serving an honorable, 2-year, LDS mission to Orlando, Florida!  My eldest daughter said, "He's amazing!"  I'm proud of this young man and his example to my own family!  Welcome home, Gary!
Ken and GJ are so proud of their son!
And Gary's sisters are super excited to have him home!
Kiara, Grandpa and Grandma with the newly returned Elder!
BTW Our German daughter is doing well.  She received her Christmas present from Kentucky!  She says she doesn't have the Christmas spirit quite yet because she is focusing on her exams and applications.  She is so dedicated and focused.  We love you, Lollipop!


  1. Hi, I don't get GJ's replies. Inside joke of some kind? But Gary being home wasn't something to laugh about. Ask Sheila - she cried croc tears the rest of the day! He was released and is all ours now!