Wednesday, December 28, 2016


So, Kiara and Kotten Kandy went on a double date yesterday.  They had lots of fun plans, but then this happened:
Taffy, Kotten Kandy, Asparagus and Key Lime Pie
These crazy kids were laughing about their change of plans!  And they played games and had a great time on the side of the road waiting for rescue.
Then.... after their date, Scott and I arrived to pick kids up.  We all laughed when we saw that Kotten Kandy's date and Scott were wearing the same thing:
These two cute guys posed for a "twins" picture!
I'm glad my daughters have such great friends to have adventures with!  Taffy and Asparagus ROCK!


  1. :D That is awesome! Makes me smile too ;D

  2. So much to be grateful for. Wonder what 2017 will bring on all fronts... Mom/Mil

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