Saturday, December 17, 2016


So many things we do this time of year "runs in the family!"  It's traditional... it's fun... it's crazy... it's "US!"  Take a peak into our busy lives:
Last week one of my favorite boys got home from his mission!
Scott and I love Spencer!
Welcome home!
(BTW - I got in trouble with this picture because when I suggested we take a selfie with Spencer, I didn't invite Kotten Kandy and Fig Newton to be a part of the picture....  Kotten Kandy thinks we are "forgetting" the rest of the family - but Scott and I are just reinventing ourselves as future empty-nesters!)
Fig Newton is following in Lollipop's shoes...
Lacrosse is lots of fun, although I still don't understand all the rules....
Kotten Kandy and I loved watching Fig Newton play!
Although my Christmas shopping was completely finished by October...
I still have to make a trip to SAMs Club every now and then.
This trip, I went with Amy.  There were over 25 geese in front of the sign.
It made me laugh.
Kotten Kandy, Amy and I are keeping up our exercise regiment with Zumba, Yoga and Walking.
Kotten Kandy LOVES Zumba! 
Look at these smiles and laughs!
Isn't she adorable?!
Key Lime Pie is continuing to pull practical jokes with her cousin...
Billy and Brigham gave the girls coal for Christmas.
Apparently that's what they "deserved!"
Our annual DeThortenhausen Christmas was a lot of fun!
I just missed the HUGE smile on Raisin's face in this picture.
She loves Fig Newton!
(We all love Fig Newton!)
Juice playing mini-pool with Hammond!
The balls are only about an inch in cute!
Raisin LOVED her new teddy bear from Chris!
We played CodeNames.  SUPER fun!
And Fig Newton helped us win a round!
Kotten Kandy was stressing about clues in this picture...
Her dad felt confident though!
We sure love the Bettenhausens, Chris and Hammond!
We are so blessed with our Kentucky family!
This girl makes me laugh!
She never needs to worry that we don't love and want her!
She makes our lives so much fun and complete!


  1. Looks like fun is being had by all! :)

  2. Oh, the busy lives you lead! My "Caught Ya" girl is fun - liking her exercise... And Fern playing LaCross - I've never even seen the game played. :(
    Happy, happy days all. Thanks for sharing. Mom/Mil