Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Scott is loving his work this year!  And it shows!  Look at all the fun they have had together during the Christmas season:
Scott - Paige - d'Argy
Dinner at Brazeiros - YUM!
Everyone dressed up nice!
Everyone loved it!
Everyone ate too much!
And I loved getting to know Scott's crew better!  He has an amazing group right now!
Arts and Crafts at CPS
Each employee created a self representation out of bottles and Santa hats!
How creative!
Scott made the star out of plastic left overs.  Isn't it gorgeous and creative?!
Everyone decorated the tree with homemade creations....
Pit was a HUGE success at the Christmas party!
Games are always fun!
This guy makes me smile!
He knows how to have fun and make things fun!
And he's perfected "the selfie!"


  1. Seems like life at CPS is going well!!! When Scott is happy, we're all happy - if Ben's happy too! Mom/Mil