Saturday, December 3, 2016


Our ward Christmas party was really great this year... thanks to Mary Nelson (who also happens to be one of my favorite people and my visiting teacher!)  Our theme was How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
We sat with the Bettenhausens.
I actually purchased this cute centerpiece.
I LOVE it!
I LOVE the Fieldings!
And I LOVE their Christmas spirit!
Cute cake!
This is definitely one of my favorite quotes!
I got to read the story to the children....
I love reading!  I love kids!  I love Christmas!
I'm glad I got to participate!
So... We are singing "too many leaves!" at our house.  Kotten Kandy and Fig Newton raked leaves today.  (They still have another tree to go and they filled 19 bags full of leaves already!)  They are AWESOME!
Fig Newton and Kotten Kandy


  1. What amazing girls! Wish you were closer so you could use our leaf picker upper. It makes the work so much easier!

  2. The Grinch celebration, huh? Fun idea! I'm sure you did the reading perfectly too... I really can't imagine that many leaves, Katia and Fern. You are good kids. Think I'll keep you! Mom/Mil