Sunday, January 1, 2017


This picture is for Kotten Kandy -
She will love that I started this post with Karmel, her best friend!
Our family LOVES traditions!  And thank goodness, so do the Bettenhausens.  Every year, they invite us for New Years Eve where we eat  LOTS of yummy food, play games, welcome in the new year with a toast and make predictions for the upcoming year.
Before the evening got started, our little family decided to spend a few hours creating our goals for 2017.  I started this "tradition" (can you call it a tradition if you've only done this 2 years now?!) last year.  Here are our 2017 bucket lists:
I'm most excited about cross stitching and memorizing 6 scriptures!
Scott is planning on winning NaNoWriMo again and learning hymns on his harmonica!
Key Lime Pie is planning on reading Preach My Gospel this year,
Kotten Kandy is planning on completing 3 sewing projects and making a bench with her dad,
And Fern wants to do well on her Thai tests and U.S. history class.
Then it was games and fun with the Bettenhausens.  Amy made amazing food - but Kiara and Juice helped.
Chef Kiara
She said she LOVES cooking and making food for others...
And she's good at it!
Juice is learning some cooking skills too!
I especially love this picture because of his adorable smile!
I LOVE this boy!
Unfortunately, Kotten Kandy had to work at the theater.  So Amy, the girls and I decided to surprise her with plates of yummy food.  That was AWESOME!  She was surprised!  And we made her managers take pictures too to celebrate the end of 2016.
Here's her expression when she realized it was us at the register!
We brought plates of food for everyone who was working....
Before I took this picture, Kotten Kandy apologized to her managers that I was taking pictures for my blog.... At least she (and the managers) were good sports.  I'm such a nerd!
Eventually the Schmids came for a little bit...  Here are a few random photos:
Karaoke is always fun... and Fig Newton looked especially adorable in the hat!
We are so blessed with our sweet Thai daughter!
HUG TIME!  Juice didn't have a choice in participating in this group hug...
I love that Asparagus and Key Lime Pie love this great kid!
Then - I took pictures!  I love this tradition too!  I love taking pictures that "mean" something... so now we have proof of our resolutions!  Here are our goals (in age order):
Raisin is planning on learning English this year.
And Joel is learning his ABCs.  I sense a theme?!
Yay for homeschooling!
Apple Pie wants to work with his dad!  How awesome!
This girl is like her mom - she loves making goals and always makes more than one.
She usually accomplishes them all too!
Go, Marmalade!
Is Nuts not adorable?!
He wants to be a better brother and friend!
Rice Krispie's goal is to flirt?!  :-)
Juice wrote really small....  But two of his goals is to earn a lot of money and improve his talents!
Fig Newton is planning a trip in May.
Kotten Kandy cheated by writing smile.  She already has a gorgeous smile!
So she added the bit about budgeting.
I can't even do 10 minute miles.
Asparagus has high aspirations!
Kiara's getting ready for her mission in October.
And Spencer wants to learn to speak Japanese.  How cool!
I really don't think Sheila needs to lose weight.
But being debt free is a GREAT goal!
Mike is focusing on being grateful.
I hope I get to go on the adventure with Amy!  :-)
And Mark's resolution is one I want to do too.
Wish me luck.
And Scott is on fire with his goals, resolutions and aspirations!
I LOVE this guy!
I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL 2017!



  2. WOW! Celebration all over the place. :)
    Katia certainly got caught off guard - love her sweet smile!