Friday, January 20, 2017


We really love hearing from Lollipop!  She is doing well in Germany!  Check it out:

Lollipop with her family
Hello everyone,
It's been a long time since I've been contacting you and I apologize. But the last few weeks have been crazy. I don't know where to start off. 
First of all, I love my Jets Shirt. Whenever I wear it people come up to me and talk to me about the NFL ;). 
Christmas has been great with my family (I attached some pictures). Then I went to Spain. It was the best time ever. Her family is so sweet and her dog is just adorable. We have been doing a lot together. That's why I've been a little sick over New Years. Anyway it was just fine because I celebrated with my best friend who lives in a different German city. 
Lollipop with Inez
Next week I'm having a scholarship interview in Hamburg. If I get the sponsor I can start going the the major private university in Germany and start studying international management for free besides school. That's going to be hard but I'm up for a challenge.
We really do love and miss this girl!

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  1. Hello to our German grand daughter too! Looks like she is more than "well and happy"! Grandma Mil