Sunday, January 1, 2017


I love the movie Inside Out.  Joy is one of the emotions that lives in Riley's head... and Joy is Kiara's spirit emotion!  She truly radiates joy and happiness wherever she goes.  This week has been one of the happiest for all of us, because she has been home!  She truly spreads cheerfulness to all who spend time with her.
Here's some of the highlights of our week with Joy:
So... Scott took us all to Sushi.
Fig Newton and Kotten Kandy enjoyed the sushi.
Key Lime Pie and I are not fans.
Hanging out with Sweet Tart - She did everyone's makeup and Teresa gave them all braids.
I LOVE these cute girls!
Traditional January 1st Fondu!
Kiara hates goodbyes!
Juice said, "It wasn't a decent goodbye because Kiara didn't have time to finish saying hello yet."
I couldn't agree more!  We already miss her smile, humor, singing, dancing and guinea pig laugh!
Sisters!  Sisters!  There were never such devoted sisters!


  1. Your loss, our gain! Bring her back to Colorado Baby!!! :D

  2. As I read this, Kiara is landing in our fair city airport. I kinda wish I could have picked her up, but Shanae was so excited to be doing it...
    Your week looks so full and so rewarding. It will take time to bring Kiara back to earth (from your high cloud), but we are willing to work with her. :) Mom/Mil