Tuesday, January 3, 2017


I read 35 books in 2016.  And all but the last one have been reviewed on this blog.
The last one I read was Hear My Sad Story: The True Tales That Inspired Stagolee, John Henry, and Other Traditional American Folk Songs by Richard Polenberg.  It was lots of fun reading this book, but if you do decide to read it, make sure you have access to YouTube... so you can listen to the folk songs you do not recognize or find new versions of the songs you do know and love.  Or, better yet, I wish the book came with a CD/soundtrack.  Oh well.  YouTube worked.
This book isn't just about music.  It's a history book, complete with slavery, murder, love, work and disasters.  Pretty much all parts o life have been turned into a ballad or song of some type.  Like a good book, I enjoy songs that tell a story.  And these songs definitely tell a story.


  1. If there are songs in here you didn't know it is because of the failings of your father.

  2. Sounds fun! Wish I had time to enjoy such readings...

  3. You even gave room for your Dad to add his two cents. :) Music and books - how could you fail?! Happy 2017! Mom