Friday, January 27, 2017


Sweet Tarts, Asparagus, Kotten Kandy and Taffy
I LOVE these crazy kids!  They had too much fun making and eating pizza tonight... and topped the evening off with pool and other games.
EXTRA cheese! - These kids know what makes a pizza delish!
Making pizza is messy work....
Especially when there is a flour fight?!
YUM!  Time to eat!
This date is definitely full of hot air!
Unusual attire... but these girls don't seem to mind too much?!
I'm sooooooooo blessed!
These kids are GREAT kids!
And while I'm blogging.... I just finished re-reading Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin.  I absolutely LOVE this book.  I read it last year, and decided to re-read it because it is so packed full of GOOD and  USEFUL information!  It truly motivates me and inspires me to be better.  This book is all about practical steps to improve your life, but it really focused on the fact that our personalities are a major determining factor in how we operate on a daily basis.  As a result, the strategies offered are not one-size-fits-all, so it helps to pick and choose what works for each of us individually....
Gretchen Rubin manages to combine professional and research-based content with a warm, inviting and conversational style.  I feel like I could be friends with her.  I feel both informed and empowered to apply what I've learned.  I definitely recommend this book... again!  


  1. The pizza making looks like so much fun! You all seem to bring out the fun in life. :)

  2. Better Than Before = many choices to make towards not having to make them any more. Right? Freeing...
    The pizza night looks like a winner, but then I never did see "the" pizza, so... Thanks for sharing. Mom/Mil