Sunday, January 8, 2017


The Rent Collector by Camron Wright is a perfect book to start my new year with.  It's a beautifully crafted story with wonderful insights and thoughts.  I really enjoyed reading The Orphan Keeper by the same author a few months ago and was excited to read this book too.  I really liked The Orphan Keeper.  I loved this book!
What did I love?  I loved that hope can be found everywhere - even in a dump in Cambodia.  I loved that it made me see my own life differently - as literature.  I loved the characters who inspired me to grow, learn, become and not to give up.  I loved that I learned a lot about another culture.  I loved that literature and references to other great books is sprinkled throughout this book.  I loved that there is beauty EVERYWHERE in this world - even a dump.  I loved the fact that Sang Li and Ki are so in love and support each other in their personal growth as well as growing together as a couple.  I loved the teacher.  I loved the lessons of love and compassion this book shows.
I really can't say enough good things about this book.
I love this quote from Sopeap:  "Teaching someone to read, Sang Li, is very mechanical.  It is like picking trash -- straight forward, simple rules -- you just follow the motions instinctively as your brain directs...
"But literature is unique.  To understand literature, you read it with your head, but you interpret it with your heart.  The two are forced to work together -- and, quite frankly, they often don't get along."
Sooooo... What is Mr. Wright going to write next?!  I can't wait to read it!


  1. I really enjoyed this book, too. :) Heartbreaking, but filled with so much hope and love.

  2. Both books sound like ones I'd like to read. Someday - a while yet in the future because we are only reading two or three books a once right now - remind me of them. :) MOM