Friday, January 6, 2017


I don't like snow.  It's cold.  It's hard to drive in.  It's cold.  It gets dirty really fast.  It's cold.  It causes classes to be canceled and activities to be postponed.  It's cold.  It forces people to stay home (and I enjoy getting out.)  And did I mention it's cold.
I am a summer time girl.  But with that said...  it is pretty for the first 30 minutes, and I know a few kids who LOVE it....  Kotten Kandy took some pictures for me of a couple of my favorite girls enjoying the new snow:
Raisin LOVES the white stuff!
And Fig Newton is super excited by the snow!
They don't get snow in Thailand.
Her smile says it all!
Karmel loves the snow too...
So Fig Newton took her out to enjoy!
Kotten Kandy dressed Raisin in her sweatshirt and hat so she could play in the snow.
She stole Kotten Kandy's dog too!
Fig Newton also loves the fact that there is no school yesterday and today....
I took these pictures of Apple Pie enjoying the snow on his trampoline!
He is such a cutie!
My idea of enjoying the snow is staying in doors with my sweetie!
He likes taking silly selfies of us and using Aps with them....
Oh yes... and of course my daughters have to do the wishbone tradition!
I would have wished for summer....


  1. You made me smile. :)
    We got sooo much snow that school was postponed for at least the morning - because of roads - and because it's COLD! It isn't even going to get to 20 degrees today. :(
    I'm thinking I have many jobs I could be doing, but maybe it's a reading day?... I'm several pages into my book, Life Is Good, and I'm thinking I should read a bit more. :)

  2. -2 degrees on my way to work yesterday. And hour to get home on Thursday night. Snow snow go away - Snow in the mountains is where it should stay :)