Wednesday, February 15, 2017


It has been a difficult week.  Poor Kotten Kandy has been in a lot of pain and I have been stressed out - hoping I'm doing the right thing by her.  I worry that she's hurting too much, and that she has forgotten her medication, and that I am not able to diagnose medical problems well, and that she's not getting enough sleep, etc.  I am so glad I'm not a nurse or anything related to the medical field.  I prefer "nurturing" in less clinical and gruesome ways.
In happier news, Kotten Kandy has felt the love of all of her friends and family here in Kentucky.  Amy brought tons of great, soft treats the day after her surgery.  She received a sweet care package from the Schmids, letting her know how much they love her.  And Taffy made homemade chicken soup while Apple Muffin gave her applesauce.  She has felt so loved... and as a mom, I am grateful for these good friends who have not "forgotten" her.
Despite being sick (for over a week), Kotten Kandy and I managed to attend The Mikado opera last week with a few of her friends from the homeschool group.  It was WONDERFUL!!!  I laughed and laughed!  Kotten Kandy did too.
Here are the teens that went....
The Kentucky Opera company decided to set their performance in the 1980s during the punk era.  The stage was filled with blue hair, mowhawks, and big hair.  I also adored the Japanese kimonos with the punk look.  I love that Gilbert and Sullivan's operetta is filled with memorable music, theses and characters.  The show is still enchanting 125 years after being penned.  My favorite was the song "The List Song."  They changed the lyrics to fit the 80s.  And Ko-Ko, the executioner, was hilarious and perfect.  I think the role was tailor made for him.  I fell in love with The Mikado!  It's a great musical!
Ko-Ko is on the right!
Kiara got to go to the temple with her cousins, Aunt and Uncle on Saturday!  She was so glad!
Shanae, Shaved Ice and Kiara on their way to the temple!
She also decided this meme described the singles ward pretty well:
And then Amy sent me these adorable pics of my piano students teaching their sister to play!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE "my" kids!
Marmalade, Raisin and Juice
They were having such fun!  (Even Juice - he always looks serious!)
And this picture of Kotten Kandy and Taffy made me smile!  They are both working together on a project.  I love that they are hard workers and very resourceful.


  1. Hodgepodge for sure! Looks like a fun and exciting week :) So glad my sweet Katia Rae is feeling better. Give her a big HUG from me <3

  2. I would not even have recognized Katia in that first picture - but her jaws don't really look swollen... Is she all back to normal now? Will it soon be our turn?.... :( Mil