Tuesday, February 21, 2017


They Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson is the first book in a projected 10 book epic fantasy series.  It is AWESOME!  And even better the second time.  I just finished re-reading this book today, and I re-remembered why I loved it the first time and why my husband and daughter love it so much!
The Way of Kings takes place in the world of Roshar.  It follows the stories of three primary protagonists:  Kaladin, Dallinar and Shallan.  It's hard to describe what this book is about because there is so much going on that it is impossible to summarize.  In short, there is magic, swords, battles, assassins, monsters, threats of destruction, betrayals, leaders, wisdom and much more.
Even though this is my second reading of this book, I am still trying to process the amount of information I've learned during my re-read.  And most likely I'll be reading it again and again (like Scott and Kotten Kandy).  Re-reading it has made me realize just how little I know about this world.
Sooooo if you are wondering if you should read The Way of Kings, my answer is YES!  It's daunting as there are over 1,000 pages, but honestly, I believe there are great lessons about honor, leadership and the human condition throughout this great novel.  (I'm going to start re-reading book 2, Words of Radiance, now!)


  1. I especially like to re-read the final 100-ish pages when Kaladin really starts to figure out what he can do.

  2. Oh my! I feel slothful next to my eldest daughter... Can you do it again - for me this time?!

  3. Someday I may finally day I've read this book. Until then... Glad you love it!