Monday, February 6, 2017


My favorite part of the Super Bowl is: going to the Fieldings, celebrating with good friends, awesome food, wearing Jets jerseys (no matter which teams are playing) and calling it a fireside!  This tradition is one of our favorites!  I love it!
These kids are sooooo cute... and ready to watch football!
Kotten Kandy and Oreos were excited when the Falcons scored!
I love this beautiful girl!
And I love that during The Star Spangled Banner, they all stood and showed respect!
AND I'm sooooo grateful to my mother and sister!  They know how important this tradition is to our family so they decided to throw their own Super Bowl fireside for Kiara!  She was thrilled that they even watched the game with her!  I have the best mom and sister EVER!!!!
This girl wore her jersey too!
Proof that Ken, GJ and Mil watched the game!
Unfortunately, the Patriots won.  We're not Pat fans...  But the evening was fun spending it with people we love and eating food we love and knowing other people in Colorado we love are doing the same!  Thanks, Fieldings, for the invite and making our fireside tradition so much fun!


  1. I've got to admit the food was good. The company was sweet. And the game was pretty incredible! Who'd have thunk it, right?! Mom/Mil

  2. Yeah, who'd a thunk it! It was fun. Made me remember how much I enjoy watching football. It's been a few years 😉