Saturday, February 4, 2017


Last night I got to go on a special Valentine date with my husband!  We doubled with the Bettenhausens.  It was awesome!  First we went to a violin/viola concert given by a husband/wife duo.  The music consisted of love songs from Broadway musicals.  I LOVED it!  The music was wonderful!  The talent was amazing!  And the emotions were near the surface as they spoke about falling in love, staying in love, true love, lasting love, love of children, and adding God's love to the equations.  My favorite quote was "Making the commitment to love is an act of faith."  I found myself creating my own "play list/concert list of Broadway songs" for my own love story.  (Does anyone want to hear my list?!)  
Carol Larsen and Stirling Larsen
After the concert, we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner.  YUM!!!!!  (Thanks, Chris, for the Christmas gift cards...  There is nothing better than eating at the Cheesecake Factory.)
I'm really not good at selfies....
I've always wanted to take a picture at the Cheesecake Factory with,
what I consider, the "eye of Sauron!"
Doesn't that light above us look like the "eye of Sauron!?"
Earlier this week, Scott got to go to dinner with one of his old missionary companions from Brazil.  They really enjoyed catching up on each other's lives.  Meet Stephen Tapley:
Today Kiara went hiking with her uncle and cousin:
Kiara, Shanae and Ken
Daddy/Daughter Picture!
Kiara Lea
And earlier this week, I got this picture from my eldest daughter:
She's really enjoying working at the dentist office!
And tonight Kiara and Shanae are watching the BYU Ballroom dancers!  Lucky girls!
YSA Group


  1. Happy Valentine's day!!! Looks like an amazing evening. 😊

  2. Kentucky must be a fun-lovin' place! But then, we've had some here too... Mom/Mil