Saturday, February 18, 2017


When Uncle Ben comes to visit and brings his 3 gorgeous daughters we all win!  It was WONDERFUL to get to spend time with our Idaho cousins/nieces!  We had a FANTASTIC time, staying up too late, visiting, laughing, watching chick-flicks, crafting, eating junk food, walking all the way to Indiana, playing games, and going to the temple.
Sooooo... Wednesday I had to work.  Kotten Kandy invited Marmalade over to hang out with Starburst, Air Head and Jam.  I'm told they had a good time.  When I got home, we all went to meet my little brother and Scott for dinner at Red Robin.  It was yummy!  (Thanks, Ben!)
Jam, Kotten Kandy, Marmalade, Fig Newton, Air Head and Starburst
Then we went to the walking bridge so that the McCallister kids could tell everyone back home that they walked all the way from Kentucky to Indiana.  It was really cold.  But it was fun to see the colors in the bridge and to see Louisville from the other side of the Ohio river.  Jam had soooo much energy.  She makes me laugh!
Before walking the bridge...  I really love the colors!
Although it is dark... you can see Louisville in the background.
I love this sweet daughter of mine!
I'm glad I'm a mother of girls! 
- And although I'm aunt to most of these sweet young ladies,
I still love mothering them all!
Look at those colors!
I'm so grateful these two love each other!
When we got home, Scott and I played games with my baby brother while the girls watched Beauty and the Beast.
The next morning, after a LATE slumber party (I think the girls only got 3 or 4 hours of sleep) we relaxed a bit, ate donuts and went to Hometown Pizza for their lunch buffet.  Everyone thought I was the mother of those 5 beautiful girls!  I claimed them as my own!
Then we decided it was time to paint sun-catchers.
M&Ms, Icees, Paint and SMILES!
Cute, Crazy and Energetic!
Smart, Fun and Adventurous!
Sweet, Kind and Cheerful!
Witty, Good Natured and Thoughtful!
Kotten Kandy and Starburst got to go to the temple Thursday night.  I love that they love the temple!  (Starburst also got to meet Kotten Kandy's best friends - Taffy and Maple.  She was excited to introduce them to her cousin!)
Starburst and Kotten Kandy
When the girls got home from the temple... We discovered that everyone else was completely exhausted!
Fig Newton and Ben
We were sad to say goodbye the next morning.  The time went too fast!  I sure love my sweet nieces!  And my little brother ROCKS!  I wish we all lived closer!
Here's a quick update on Key Lime Pie too....  She is doing really well at school!  Her grades are awesome and she's not procrastinating at all!  She finished her midterm for the English semester of Pathway:
And isn't she gorgeous in this picture?
Upbeat, Joyous and Caring!
Kiara also made me laugh with this meme:
She loves reading my blog.  (I admit I love knowing people read my blog.)


  1. LOL - I love your blogs too. :) Wish we could have been there to see all of you this week. Can't wait until the family reunion!!! <3

  2. If it weren't for my KY girl and her blogs, I'd be totally left out of all the fun goings on. You know that you're appreciated, Kiddo. Love you, Mom/Mil