Sunday, February 19, 2017


A live band.  Beautiful, homemade corsage.  Dressing up.  Mexican food.  Good friends.  Swing dancing.  And the most wonderful husband in the world!  I had a marvelous date last night.  (I only wish a few other good friends had not been sick and were able to attend.)
Sooooo last night was our stakes 2nd annual Valentine Dance.  It is so much fun to dress up and attend with my sweet, fun husband!  But the night started the night before for Scott.  He decided he wanted me to have a corsage... but what's the fun of buying one?  He decided to make it!  (No, he has never worked with flowers before - but he's such a DIYer....  He figured it out!)  I LOVE my flowers!  And with left over blooms, he made a second one for Mark to give to Amy!  I think it is an amazing trait to teach yourself things and continue learning!  He is talented and amazing!
It took about 6 hours total to figure it out....
He gave up on wrist corsages, but they were gorgeous non-the-less.
The finished products!
Before the dance, we went out to dinner with our dear friends: the Bettenhausens and the Schmids!  We love these guys!  The food, company and conversation were great!
Amy, Sheila, Mike, Me, Scott and Mark
Then we danced!  We danced to live music - an amazing jazz band!  And we danced EVERY dance!  It was only after 2 hours of dancing that my feet began to hurt and Scott's knee stiffened up and we were forced to take a break.
Mike and Sheila
Amy and Mark
Silly Boys!
Amy and Mark danced as much as we did!
We were laughing so hard when this picture was taken....
Selfie with the Band!
I love us!


  1. I love you guys too! :) Glad it was a memorable evening!

  2. Just "dancing the night away"... Isn't that what they say?
    The DeGooyers make a very slender couple looks like to me. :) Mil