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Merilee Boyack was my absolute favorite presenter.  She's energetic.  She's deep.  And I learned a lot!  I've already quoted her "Casual is no longer good enough!" many times to my daughters.  I'm glad we attended this class.

Rising Up in a Falling World
Merilee Boyack

                2 Nephi 28 = description of latter days – now.
                “The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.”
                We need to fortify ourselves. 
                CASUAL IS NO LONGER GOOD ENOUGH!             
                (D&C 27:15-18)  Make a choice.  Gather families around.  Protect our hearts.  Be solid in 
                     the gospel.  Protect our vulnerabilities.  Protect our thoughts.  Continually sharpen the 
                     “Word.” And Be faithful.  Elder Nelson:  “The day is gone when you can be a quiet, 
                       comfortable Christian.”
                We need to fortify our families.
                Prayer and Fasting
                Scripture Study
                Stand in Holy Places
                Family Habits
                Repent Daily
                Anchor in Christ
                Follow the Prophets and Apostles
                The law of tithing prepares us for the law of consecration.
                Some of us have made covenants to live the law of consecration NOW!
                Consecration means to declare to be sacred; devoted to God.
                Purpose of Consecration:
                1.  Provide for the poor.
                2.  Purchase lands and buildings for the Church.
                3.  Become ONE people.
                4.  Salvation of His people.
                5.  Meet needs and wants of people.
                6.  Stewardship experience leads to eternal life.
                7.  Live the Celestial law.
                What does a consecrated life look like?
                                1.  Callings – Be willing!  Do the Best we can!
                                2.  Marriage – Time!
                                3.  Private Moments – Opportunities for Learning
                                                a.  Missionary Moments – Will you testify?
                                                b.  Charity Moments
                                                c.  Obedience Moments – Are you 100% honest?
                Commit to life as a 100%er!
                                Ponder the commitment
                                Pay attention to the little things
                                Practice!  You have an eternity to get it right!
                                Ask the Lord what is lacking
                                Attend the temple frequently
                Look at our property as our opportunities!
                Consecrate your thoughts also!  Think about it!
                2 Nephi 2:27 defines agency
                “If it’s grey, stay away.”  “Grey is not white.”  “There is not grey area.”
                Recommended reading:  “Satan’s War on Free Agency” by Wright and “The War in
                     Heaven Continues” by Lawrence
                Agency requires opposites
                Agency = Stewardship
                Heavenly Father honors our agency.  Honor = allowing consequences to happen
                Moral Agency = Accountability

                What we can do:
                                1.  Be on Full Alert!
                                2.  Own our behavior and its consequences.
                                                – No more excuses, rationalizing or explaining.
                                3.  Teach our children that they are ACCOUNTABLE.
                                                consequences = love
                                4.  Hold others accountable.
                                5.  Be stewards – account for our own time, talents, and blessings.
                                6.  We are agents unto ourselves and the Lord expects us to do good

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  1. I still remember when you helped me make tapes for your siblings... :) She is good, and she has a ton of energy. Bet she's an extrovert too... Mom