Sunday, August 30, 2015


It has been a really busy week here!  Mostly because we are getting back into our routines after being at BYU for a week, but also because it was my birthday and we welcomed Lollipop to our home!  Life has been fun and eventful.
Jelly Bean and I got matching balloons
for OUR birthday!  I love this Birthday Buddy!
Monday was my 43 birthday!  (It was also Lollipop's dad's birthday too!  What a cool coincidence!)   We celebrated all week with lots of friends and loved ones!
We spent Monday night with the Larsens.  We BBQed, visited and even went zip-lining!
Lemon Drop, Key Lime Pie, Lollipop, and Kotten Kandy
Zip Lining - Kotten Kandy and Lollipop couldn't stop laughing!
Tuesday night we celebrated with the Bettenhausens.  I have a fabulous friend who made me my traditional cocoa, apple cake.  (It is truly a gift of love!)
Best Friends are the BEST!  
Thanks for the cake!
The rest of the week was equally busy, but fun to experience with someone who has never done some of the things we take for granted.  She had never had an Icee - and she loved it!  She couldn't believe how big Walmart was and how they sold "everything!"  She also got to meet our amazing friends, the Schmids!  We played Bunco and had delicious food and female bonding time.
Icees + Girls = Cold Fun
Today we met other foreign exchange students at a fun get-together.  The girls especially liked the other German girl.  (I'll call her Reeses.)  They are all planning lots more get-togethers.
These are all of the German Exchange Students!
Lollipop said Germans were usually tall...
We thought it was cute that she's short like Key Lime Pie
while the rest of the group were tall as Church Steeples!
Elmo made an appearance - 
So the girls got in on the fun!
Kotten Kandy, Reeses, Elmo, Lollipop and Key Lime Pie
I like these girls!
It's really been a great week....
Lollipop, Key Lime Pie and Kotten Kandy
Lollipop is sporting Kotten Kandy's aviator shades!


  1. A country where I'm not taller than everyone? Way cool! I want to go there.

  2. All as tall as church steeples... hummm, let's see, that sounds like a line from a movie. ;) lol Oh yeah, now I remember :) Think I'll go watch it - 7 Brides for 7 Brothers would be a good one to show Lollipop. I'll bet she hasn't seen it before. Have a super week!

  3. Welcome, LOLLIPOP! I can see you are having a great time with my daughter and grand daughters. We always have the same when we go to Kentucky to be with them. Life at the DeGooyer home is always FUN! Are you able to get the pictures home to your family too? I'm sure you are. My guess is that they are way glad for the experiences you are getting in the United States. We are anxious to meet you. :) Grandma Mil