Sunday, August 30, 2015


Here is the last of my BYU Education Week Notes.  S. Michael Wilcox is AMAZING!  And this class really was a spiritual high for both Scott and me!

The Temple, Crown Jewel of the Restoration
S. Michael Wilcox

We need to learn the Lord’s way.
Happiness and joy need to be expressed – thus the Hosanna Shout!
The Temple is MANY different houses in one (ie. House of Learning, House of Thanksgiving, House of Glory, House of Order, etc.)
HOUSE OF LEARNING (God’s University)
                We need to learn how to learn from symbols.  Symbols can mean different things to 
                 different people at different times.  (ie. “Awake and arise.” Can mean “Be aware.”)  
                 Symbols can be understood by: scriptures, ordinances, physical appearances, explanations, 
                etc.  There are many layers to symbols, so don’t stop thinking about those symbols!
                Watch for themes.  (ie. Unity/One”ness” and Building)
                3 Nephi 17 – don’t feel guilty or tired; don’t feel apathetic
                1.  Go home.
                2.  Ponder upon the things the Lord has said.
                3.  Ask/Pray to understand.  – Don’t stop asking questions.
                4.  Prepare your mind for the morrow.  – Be attentive, alert, reverent, and hungry.
                5.  Keep going to the temple.  – Return and return.
                The accumulation of simple things and acts bring about great blessings! 
                “Holiness to the Lord” means consecrated to the Lord or clean.
                Isaiah 4:5-6 “Stand in holy places and be not moved.” – Stand is not a passive verb, it 
                means fight!  Holy places = 1. Our homes 2. Churches/Stakes of Zion and 3. Temple
                We don’t go to Church for ourselves.  What can we give?  We go to Church to serve 
                Ritual is Sacred Play.  This is the Game of Exaltation – The object of the game is to get to 
                the Celestial Kingdom.  There are rules to the game.  We progress from pre-mortal 
                existence (Start) through life (the game board) to the  Celestial Kingdom (Finish).
                There are 5 Great One”nesses” – 5 Great Relationships to Build Unity
                1.  Husband to Wife
                2.  Parent to Child
                3.  Mankind to Each Other (All of Us)
                4.  Living to Dead
                5.  Man to God
                Covenants bring Unity/One”ness”  - see D&C 88:133

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  1. This would have been my first choice of places to go - as it was yours. He is blessed with a gift of making things clear and meaningful. The game = The Plan of Salvation = and we like playing this game and are greatful for every day we are given to be a part of it... Mom M.