Monday, August 24, 2015


Kotten Kandy, Lollipop, and Key Lime Pie
I get to have another daughter for a year!  She's amazing!  We already love her lots!  Meet Lollipop from Germany!  You'll see her a lot here on the blog!
Don't worry, we have already introduced her to cultural things like: "The Princess Bride" and cinnamon bears candy!
Kotten Kandy, Trina, Trina's foreign exchange student, Lollipop, and Trina's daughters
Unfortunately, we weren't able to meet her at the airport, but our good friend, Trina, her daughters and Kotten Kandy (far left) met her.  Lollipop is in the middle!
Here's what I love about her already:  She's happy!  She's friendly!  And she's excited to share everything with us!  She's willing to experience Church with us!  And she's cute as can be!
Welcome, Lollipop!


  1. Louissa, right? Welcome to America! You've landed in a wonderful spot in KY with the DeGooyers. Lucky you - you get to spend time with two favorites, Kiara and Katia...and we are anxious to meet their new sibling...
    Happy days - all year long.
    Grandma Mil