Saturday, August 29, 2015


These guys weren't as "famous" as some of the other presenters, but I learned a LOT about how to better study my scriptures from them.  I can't wait to put into practice all I learned!  I know scripture study is essential in these latter days!!!!!

Arm Your Family with Righteousness: Understanding
the Scriptures and Teaching Them Effectively in the Home
Mark E. Eastmond and Paul B. Murphy

To withstand evil we MUST STRENGTHEN our children’s spirituality.
Read:  Pres. Eyring’s CES Conference talk “We Must Raise Our Sights” and Elder Scott’s talk “Making the Exercise of Your Faith a Priority”
Personal Revelation will FLOW! With regular and consistent scripture study.
Teach principles from the scriptures.  “Principles are concentrated truths packaged for application to a wide variety of circumstances.” – Elder Scott 1993  “A principle is an enduring truth… to guide you in making decisions….” – Elder Packer 1986
Understand the Scripture Account → Identify a Principle → Apply to Life
Principles usually have an action and a consequence or blessing.
Success of FAMILY scripture study depends on the success of PERSONAL scripture study.
Ideas:  Use seminary student manuals for personal study of scriptures.  Study for 30 minutes instead of 1 chapter.
Use footnotes, bible dictionary, topical guide, JST, maps, definitions, visualizing and summarization to study scriptures.  Also use questions, white space, experiences and cause/effect.
Use “look for” and “thus we see what?” with our family scripture study.

After identifying a principle have your children receive their own spiritual witness and understanding in their hearts by asking these questions:
            What are some circumstances that you could be in that would be like….?
            In what situations could you use this principle?
            How is your situation similar to…?
            Why is this story/principle included in the scriptures?
            What can we learn?
            How can you use this?
            When have you seen…?

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  1. I wish I were even half as good as you guys in scripture study. I have a long ways to go... MOM