Monday, August 24, 2015


Scott and I celebrated our 20th year anniversary by going to BYU Education Week together.  It was a wonderful time!  We were inspired by all of the many fabulous classes we attended.  We thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment.  And the best part was spending time together.  It's hard to put into words how amazing this week was.
Here is a quick review of the week:
Holding Kevin and Kelly's pet....
Saturday and Sunday:  We drove 26 hours to get to Kevin and Kelly's (Scott's brother and wife) house.  We were exhausted.  We took 2 naps (no hotel) in the car for a total of 3 hours.  Kevin and Kelly are the BEST hosts ever.  They are laid back, like we are and made us feel welcome and loved.
Monday:  We went to 6 hours worth of lectures.  They were all amazing!  Our favorite:  Michael S. Wilcox.  He spoke about temples.  We also saw Anthony Sweat and John Hinton.  They talked about inviting the Spirit to our lessons.  And our last class was about teaching creatively.  We REALLY liked the presenter, Kevin Miller.
Tuesday:  We started the "classes."  Here was our schedule:
     Mark Eastmond and Paul Murphy taught "Arm Your Family with Righteousness: Understanding the Scriptures and Teaching Them Effectively in the Home"
     Carrie Wrigley taught "Creating Love:  Building and Maintaining a Heartfelt Connection with Your Spouse and Loved Ones"
     Lunch and Shopping
     Randal Wright taught "20 Ways to Build Your Self Confidence and Increase Your Happiness"
     Merilee Boyack taught "Rising Up in a Falling World"
     Kevin Miller taught "Increasing Personal Effectiveness: Living Happier, More Productive Lives"
     and Ryan Eggert taught "Hymns!  Messages, Stories, and Life-Changing Doctrines of the LDS Hymnal"
After our classes we ate dinner and attended the musical comedy "Crazy For You."  It's a musical based on Gershwin's music.  It was silly, and fun.
Wednesday:  We went to classes again.  Then Wednesday night we saw Gentri in concert.  They are AWESOME!  We really enjoyed their show.  My favorite songs were the boy band medley and the Les Miserables medley.  Their harmonies were awesome.  And we loved their "look."  They are truly gentlemen.
Thursday:  Classes.  After classes my parents came to visit us.  They took us to dinner and a movie for my birthday.  It was great to see them!  And the movie, "The Cokeville Miracle" was incredible.  All of us cried - the Spirit was so strong.  I definitely recommend this movie.  And we will be purchasing it when it comes out on video!
Whitney, Stacey, Kelly, Kevin, Mark, Kerri, Scott and Me
Friday:  Our last day of classes.  :-(  We really learned sooooooooo much!  We spent the evening with Scott's family!  Kelly, Stacey, Kevin, their spouses and us met at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner.  YUM!  And great company too!!!!!  We are blessed to have such wonderful brothers and sisters.
Saturday and Sunday: We drove home - to meet our new "daughter."  We also stopped briefly in Wyoming.  (Another post)
So that's our week in a nut shell.....
PS.  I'll post my notes later this week so hopefully they can inspire ya'll (if anyone is reading this).


  1. I can't believe it! I just commented back before GEE??! But I know what it takes - sitting in front of the computer without a break and actually moving around a bit.:) This might be a first, but probably also a last...
    Having gotten the Ed Week highlights personally on Thursday, I'll try to be patient in waiting for the class notes. I mean, Sundy, it's your birthday. Take a bit of a break!
    Love YOU, Mom

  2. Mom - I LET you comment first on this one. I knew you were feeling the pressure and because I love you so very much I decided to let you win this one :) lol
    Sundy and Scott - I'm so glad you had such a fabulous week! Carry it with you into the up coming year. Love you guys!!!