Friday, August 28, 2015


I want to post my notes from BYU Education Week.  So I'll be posting a few every day.  They might not be of any value to anyone but myself.  But then again, maybe they will be helpful.  I won't be posting them in any particular order.  And I'll do it by class.  Hope somebody enjoys them.  This was one of Scott's and my favorite presenters.  Randal Wright is from Texas and has a fun sense of humor.  We really loved his class.  I'm excited to start my 3 Word Journal....

Twenty Ways to Build Your Self-Confidence
and Increase Your Happiness
Randal A. Wright

1.        Cultivate friendships with those who support and encourage you.
2.       Constantly work to develop your skills and talents.
3.       Choose to have a positive attitude and look on the bright side of life.
4.       Have fun in life.
5.       Be obedient to the Lord’s commandments.
6.       Make a detailed written list of all your gifts and talents.
7.       Diligently work and improve those talents.  Brigham Young said, “Every man and woman who has a talent and hides it will be called a slothful servant.”
8.       Look for opportunities that fit your gifts and talents.
9.       Act on opportunities that fit your gifts and talents.
10.   Don’t let fear keep you from using your gifts and talents for good.
11.   Become aware of experiences that teach important lessons.
12.   Summarize your valuable experiences or observations into 3 meaningful words.  (3-Word Journal)
13.   File your word journal entries by topic or year.
14.   Put 3 Word Journal Entries in the Margins of your scriptures.
15.   Write in your journal!!!!
16.   Act on spiritual promptings.
17.   Listen to uplifting music.
18.   Look for opportunities to serve.
19.   Look for the positive in others and avoid judging them.

20.   Love others and show compassion.


  1. Can't wait to go back to Education Week sometime. Thanks for sharing your notes :)

  2. I think Gee started here and worked forward... I started at the end and have worked forward. So now I'm able to say they all sounded helpful and inspired. What a blessing Ed Week is in sooo many lives. Way glad you two got to attend this year.
    :) Mom